Since 1999, I have been getting up with my simple design and its many variations. Originally, creating a very basic graphic for stenciling with, that has since advanced and mutated throughout its evolution.

The System: I created a simple set of rules that I could follow when designing a new version. Essentially each ‘dtriangle’ should be equilateral in nature and made up of 6-7 parts, usually constrained within a rectangular border. The central part represents a strong triangular core, the other parts an expansion in three directions. The longer extensions are the called blades, the smaller appendages are called fins. Creating these boundaries, in-order to eventually break those rules and move forward with different shapes, new styles and always pushing beyond.

Movement: Part of my inspiration is that the shapes should appear to be rotating. Some very slowly and others, violently fast. Therefore, implied movement that also sets each from another – their speed as it were.