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Equilateral Gears

Kinetic Sculpture

Interactive Kinetic sculpture involving gears and magnetics. 21 large gears connected to one another (by 20 small gears) driven by a single motor. Every large gear has a magnet attached, offset from center, all maintain synchronous relative alignment.

The interesting behaviour of balls affected by the movement of the mechanism below the surface. The R/C transmitter is set to frequency 72MHz and the signal purposefully weakened to be affected by outside radio interference. Part of an ongoing study into equilateral gear arrangements.

Materials: Wood, R/C Car Electronics, DC Motor, 8mm Ball-Bearings, Glass, Plastic Gears, Magnets, FM Radio transmitter and receiver.

Thanks: Marwin Bald for the woodwork and Aldo Contarino of Quantum Bicycles for help developing the the gear setup.